Bill # Bill Description Updated
H.R.3589 Cosponsored  — Affordability is Access Act of 2023
H.R.3523 Cosponsored  — Perinatal Workforce Act
H.R.3537 Cosponsored  — United States Foreign Service Commemorative Coin Act
H.R.3432 Cosponsored  — Telemental Health Care Access Act of 2023
H.R.3444 Cosponsored  — Strength in Diversity Act of 2023
H.R.3422 Cosponsored  — Judiciary Act of 2023
H.R.3434 Cosponsored  — Teaching Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander History Act
H.R.3421 Cosponsored  — Medicare for All Act
H.R.3420 Cosponsored  — My Body, My Data Act of 2023
H.R.3382 Cosponsored  — Colorectal Cancer Payment Fairness Act
H.R.3322 Cosponsored  — Social Determinants for Moms Act
H.R.3305 Cosponsored  — Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act
H.R.3320 Cosponsored  — Data to Save Moms Act
H.R.3332 Cosponsored  — Extending WIC for New Moms Act
H.R.3344 Cosponsored  — Justice for Incarcerated Moms Act
H.R.3346 Cosponsored  — IMPACT to Save Moms Act
H.R.3303 Cosponsored  — Maternal Health for Veterans Act
H.R.3310 Cosponsored  — Kira Johnson Act
H.R.3348 Cosponsored  — Maternal Vaccination Act
H.R.3302 Cosponsored  — Protecting Moms and Babies Against Climate Change Act
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