FY21 Appropriations Requests

Congressman Mark Takano invites you to submit requests for the FY21 appropriations cycle. The annual appropriations process is a tool that Congress uses to invest in policies and programs that help our communities. Submitting your appropriations requests also provides another opportunity for Congress to hear directly from you – the constituent – how our federal funding should be prioritized and spent.

Submitting a request for funding does not guarantee that funding will be appropriated. All requests must comply with House rules. Of note, the rules of the House of Representatives prohibit Representatives from requesting earmarks. Congressional earmarks are defined in House Rule XXI:

The term “congressional earmark” means a provision or report language included primarily at the request of a Member, Delegate, Resident Commissioner, or Senator providing, authorizing or recommend a specific amount of discretionary budget authority, credit authority, or other spending authority for a contract, loan, loan guarantee, grant, loan authority, or other expenditure with or to an entity, or targeted to a specific State, locality or Congressional district, other than through a statutory or administrative formula-driven or competitive award process.


The deadline to submit requests for FY21 is 5:00PM on Friday, March 6, 2020. For assistance with this form, please call the Washington, DC office at (202) 225 – 2305.