Grants-Frequently Asked Questions

Check here first to see if you are eligible to receive a grant.


Q. Is anyone who applies eligible to receive a grant?

A. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for a grant. Most federal grants are awarded to:

  • Government Organizations: State, Local, City and Special District Governments
  • Education Organizations: Independent School Districts, Public and State controlled Colleges and Universities, Private Colleges and Universities
  • Public Housing Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Public Safety Organizations
  • Federally-recognized tribes

Q. Does Congressman Takano choose who is awarded a grant?

A. No, Congressman Takano does not have any role in deciding who is awarded a grant. Each government agency has peer reviewer committees that make those decisions based on objective criteria. The process will be different for private foundations, but Congressman Takano still does not have a role in the awards process.

Q. Can Congressman Takano's office write and/or review my grant proposal?

A. Congressman Takano’s office is not allowed to help you write or review grant proposals. The Grants Specialist can help you identify federal grants for which you may be eligible through the tools listed on the website. The Grants Specialist may also be able write a letter of support for your proposal to the federal agency or foundation.

Q. If we do obtain a federal grant, will it fully cover my funding needs?

A. Federal grants rarely cover all the costs of a project. Grants often provide a portion of the funds needed for a given project and many grants require non-federal matching funds. This is done because granters want to know that your project will be sustainable after the end of your grant period.

Q. Is obtaining a grant an easy and quick process?

A. At some organizations, applying for grants is a full time job. Grant writing is a lot of work and federal funds often have numerous requirements, such as regular evaluation reports. You will need to manage your time in order to research and develop your project and write the proposal. After submitting your proposal, it often takes the granting agency several months to decide which projects will be funded. It is neither quick nor easy, but grant awards can make a huge difference to your school or organization.