June 06, 2024

  Mark Takano (CA-39) released the following statement to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day:"Today marks the 80th anniversary of the ‘Longest Day.’ On June 6, 1944, over 150,000 Allied troops—Americans, British, Canadians, and others—embarked on the most audacious amphibious assault in history.   "The magnitude of what was achieved on D-Day can be measured not just in miles of liberated coastline, but in generations of freedom secured. Those young servicemembers who leapt into the surf …  Continue Reading

June 03, 2024

Following Mexico’s election of Claudia Sheinbaum as its first woman president, Congressman Mark Takano (CA-39) released the following statement: “I congratulate Mexico on a historic first: electing their first woman president. This is an important milestone and an opportunity for the U.S. to reaffirm our commitment to this critical bilateral relationship. Mexico is a top trading partner, an important collaborator on stopping deadly drugs like fentanyl from getting onto our streets, and a key al…  Continue Reading

June 01, 2024

"When I ran for Congress in the 1990s, I was publicly outed as gay by my opponent and made the target of homophobic attack ads. I would lose that race by more than 18%. Almost two decades later, I ran again and won by 19%. With that victory, I became the first openly gay person of color to serve in Congress. This Pride Month, let us celebrate how far queer people have come but also recommit ourselves to the mission of full equality and dignity for every LGBTQ person. Happy Pride!"…  Continue Reading

July 12, 2013

Over rancorous Democratic objections, the Republican-led U.S. House passed a farm bill Thursday that does not include reauthorization of the food stamp program.The vote was 216-208. No Democrats voted for the bill.During the nearly seven hours of debate on the legislation, Democrats repeatedly called their Republican counterparts heartless, callous and cruel for their efforts to pass a farm bill with nutrition programs stripped from it.Rep. Mark Takano, D-Calif., was one of many Democrats who de…  Continue Reading

July 11, 2013

Rep. Mark Takano, a former high school teacher, took a red pen to a letter about immigration reform some of his Republican colleagues were circulating. The California Democrat "graded" the two-page unsigned letter, giving it an F and asking the writers to "see me after votes," posting a copy on his Tumblr page. He was okay with the first sentence, "Our immigration system is broken and in need of serious reform," saying it was a "strong thesis." Even when the Republicans said they wanted a secure…  Continue Reading

July 11, 2013

You can take the teacher out of the classroom — even send him to Congress — but you can't take the classroom out of the teacher. Or take away his red pencil. Before coming to Washington, freshman Democrat Mark Takano taught English for 23 years — mostly at Rialto High School. He must have been a tough grader. In the midst of the heated Congressional debate over immigration, Takano tries humor — a bit of political fun at the expense of his GOP colleagues. Republican House members were circulat…  Continue Reading

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