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Learn more about how my office can help you in your search for grants to benefit our community.

Grants and Federal Domestic Assistance

As your Congressman, my office is here to help you in your search to find and apply for grants. My staff is trained by the Congressional Research Service and is here to help you, from offering you resources to find and apply for a grant, to writing letters of support, and keeping you aware of the latest grant opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact my office in Washington, DC if we can provide any help to you, your organization, city, town, or local government.

Finding and Applying for a Grant

My Grants Specialist is here to help you with the process of finding the right tools to research and apply for grant opportunities from the Federal and State government, as well as private foundations. Please feel free to contact my grants specialist in my Washington, DC office if you need help getting started in your grant research.

Letter of Support Requests

If you are in need of a letter of support or interest from me to complete your grant application, my office is happy to help you prepare such a letter. Please contact my Grants Specialist in my Washington, DC office for more information. Please prepare a summary of the grant you are applying for, information about your organization, and a template support letter. This request should be made at least two weeks before you need the letter to give my staff enough time to process your request. Please include the following information:

  • Background information regarding your organization, including your organization’s history, goals, activities and primary accomplishments
  • Any letters of support you may have for this particular grant application
  • Your organization’s 501(c)(3) status
  • A formal grant proposal request from your organization.