Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The fabric of our country is enriched by immigrants, and as a nation we must put forward humane immigration policies that are consistent with our values. We should strive to protect the basic dignity and human rights of all those seeking refuge in our country.

I fully support comprehensive immigration reform. We need to create more expeditious legal pathways to citizenship for people who are seeking asylum, deliver more resources for migrants at the border, and develop a fair pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Young people who were brought to our nation at a young age and raised as Americans deserve the opportunity to stay in this country, as this is the only country they have ever known. I am proud to support The American Dream and Promise Act that would allow Dreamers to qualify for legal permanent residence and eventually become eligible for U.S. citizenship. I will continue to fight for the American Dream and Promise Act’s inclusion in any comprehensive bill.

Supporting our Non-Citizen Servicemembers

I have been fighting to prevent noncitizen veterans from falling through the cracks of our broken immigration system for years because it is shameful that they are being exiled from the same country they risked their lives to protect and defend. I was proud to introduce and pass the Veteran Service Recognition Act in the 117th Congress to allow noncitizen servicemembers to apply for naturalization during basic training, establish a review process for those who are in removal proceedings, and provide an opportunity for noncitizen veterans who have been removed or ordered removed and who have not been convicted of serious crimes to obtain legal permanent resident status.?This is a critical step to ensure that our men and women in uniform are honored for their bravery, heroism, and service, no matter where they were born.