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Our Budget Reveals Our Values

Our budget reveals our values. The $25 billion President Trump demands for his useless wall could build enough homes to shelter every homeless family in America.

The Trump Budget vs. Our Local Colleges

As a teacher for 24 years and a Riverside Community College District trustee for two decades, I understand that our local colleges are critical to our community. That’s why I strongly oppose President Trump’s budget, which cuts federal student aid programs by $150 billon over 10 years. These cuts would be incredibly costly to the institutions that serve students and create good-paying local jobs that can't be outsourced.


Why Is the ACA Important to Riverside?

When it comes to the health care debate, our community has more at stake than almost any other. The Affordable Care Act led to a dramatic decline in Riverside’s uninsured rate. In fact, our uninsured rate recorded the 10th biggest drop in the entire country. 

Misplaced Priorities?

House Republicans voted to repeal the Estate Tax, which would be a $270 billion windfall for some of America’s wealthiest families. 

How misplaced are their priorities? 

Economic Growth by Presidential Party

The Republican budget released today claims that our economy is drastically underperforming and that Democratic policies are to blame. Unsurprisingly, the facts show something completely different, as data from the last 16 presidential terms show that our economy grew more rapidly under Democratic presidents than Republican presidents.

Republican trickle-down policies have failed. Let’s do what works – grow our middles class, strengthen the social safety net, and invest in education and infrastructure.

Source: The National Bureau of Economic Research

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