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December 2016
Acting Ranking Member Takano: VA Secretary Must Use Authority to Protect Student Veterans from ACICS Fallout
October 2016
Acting Ranking Member Mark Takano Leads Bipartisan Call for Permanent Fix for Members of the California National Guard
February 2016
81 House Democrats Offer Support, Guidance to FCC on its Plan to Expand Broadband Access through Lifeline Program
November 2015
Rep. Mark Takano Sends Letter to ESEA Conference Committee Stating Principles for Progressive Education Reform
Rep. Mark Takano and Six Colleagues Send Letter to Department of Defense Urging Continued Protection of Servicemembers Using Military Education Benefits
September 2015
Representative Takano Submits Public Comments Calling for Debt Relief for Corinthian College Students
January 2015
Rep. Mark Takano and 31 House Democrats Call for Expanded Overtime Pay
November 2014
Eleven House Democrats Call for Voluntary Shifts and Mandatory Overtime Pay on Thanksgiving
June 2014
Representative Takano Addresses Retaliation Against VA Whistleblowers
March 2014
Rep. Mark Takano Sends Letter to Various Federal Agencies Requesting Information on Rental Backed Securities
January 2014
Rep. Mark Takano Signs Letter Calling for Extension of Unemployment Benefits
December 2013
31 House Democrats Send Letter to Secretary of Education Calling for Regulations to Protect Students from Unmanageable Debt and Worthless Degrees
Rep. Mark Takano Calls for Fraudulent Health Care Website Being Promoted by Republican Lawmakers to be Taken Down
November 2013
Rep. Takano and Eight Additional Members of Congress Denounce Attempt to Repeal School Success and Opportunity Act
October 2013
Rep. Takano Sends Letter to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Asking for Continued Negotiations for Local Control of Ontario Airport
Rep. Takano and Rep. Ros-Lehtinen Join Thirty-Seven Members of Congress Asking U.S. Olympic Committee to Ensure Safety of Americans During Winter Olympics
June 2013
Rep. Takano Joins Five Members of Congress Requesting the VA Reduce Veterans’ Claims Backlog
Rep. Takano Sends Letter to Federal Transit Administration Requesting Perris Valley Line Funding Remain Intact
May 2013
Riverside County Congressional Delegation Sends Letter to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Seeking Improved Efficiency and Communication
Rep. Takano and 18 Additional Freshman Democrats Send Letter to Chairman Paul Ryan Requesting Budget Specifics
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