December 03, 2015

Rep. Mark Takano Releases Statement Regarding Tragedy in San Bernardino

Washington DC –Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) released the following statement regarding the tragedy in San Bernardino.

“I join my community in shock and in sadness that such a terrible tragedy has occurred so close to home. My heart is with the victims and their families. I am grateful for the first responders who acted so bravely to prevent an even greater loss of life. 

“As policymakers, it is our responsibility to establish a system of laws that protects American lives. It is abundantly clear that we are not fulfilling that obligation. Easy access to firearms is the common denominator in the daily instances of gun violence terrorizing our schools, office buildings, and neighborhoods.

“These tragedies are not the cost of freedom, they are the cost of blocking basic steps to address our gun violence epidemic. We need more stringent background checks, we need to reinstate the federal ban on assault weapons, and – at the very least – we must lift the ban on gun violence research at the National Institutes of Health. 

“I will work with local law enforcement, leaders in our community, and my colleagues in Congress to overcome the resistance to commonsense solutions that do not impede on the rights of lawful gun owners. 

“We have a long and sad tradition in this country of responding to gun violence with our condolences and little else. This time must be different.”