July 20, 2017

Rep. Takano Introduces Bill to Prevent Deportation of American Veterans

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.), vice ranking member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, introduced legislation today that would prevent deportation of American veterans. The Second Chance for Service Act provides the Department of Homeland Security with flexibility to approve a veteran’s naturalization application despite criminal convictions in their record.

“America is a country that believes in second chances, and few deserve a second chance as much these veterans,” Rep. Takano said. “Treating people who risked their lives for our freedom so callously violates the respect and gratitude we owe to all who have served. This legislation gives the administration the flexibility it needs to provide our veterans the rights they fought to protect.”

Veteran and immigration advocates have confirmed more than 3,000 veteran deportation cases. A 2016 report by the ACLU revealed the profound struggle deported veterans face when they are forced to leave the country and separate from their families. 

Last month, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, where Members met with several deported veterans. 

The text of the bill is available here

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