November 19, 2021

Rep. Takano Statement on Passage of the Build Back Better Act

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) released this statement following the passage of H.R. 5376, the Build Back Better Act (BBB).

“After many months of intense negotiations, today is a monumental day in the history of our nation as House Democrats successfully passed the remainder of President Biden’s agenda, the Build Back Better Act, and took a concrete step toward delivering for the American people,” said Rep. Mark Takano. “This is a transformative investment in our families, our workforce, and our climate that is fully paid for by making big corporations and the wealthiest few pay their fair share. Make no mistake, we still have much work to do, but with the passage of this bill, we are ensuring that working parents have paid family leave and the resources they need to re-enter and succeed in the workforce with peace of mind; we are ensuring that our planet is protected for future generations; and we are ensuring that people have access to affordable healthcare and prescription drugs. It’s not enough to merely recover from the nearly two-year-long pandemic, we must build back better. I urge my Senate colleagues to further advance this important legislation and put us on the path to doing just that.” 

The Build Back Better Act will: 

  • Lower childcare and family care costs by extending the Child Tax Credit, and expanding access to free, high-quality universal pre-school and universal childcare, as well as home care for older adults and those with disabilities;
  • Lower healthcare costs by negotiating lower drug prices and expanding the Affordable Care Act;
  • Combat climate change by electrifying government fleets, cutting pollution, reducing energy costs, and offering battery storage tax credit incentives to increase demand for this new technology;
  • Allocate resources into building low-income housing and repairing existing public housing;
  • Invest in paid family leave;
  • Fund 700 residencies to train new medical professionals and fund the upgrading of medical facilities nationwide;



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