Rep. Takano Statement on Sudden Closure of Education Corporation of America

“Yesterday, Education Corporation of America (ECA) announced that it would close all of its campuses in California, including one in Riverside, and across the country, creating yet another nightmare scenario for tens of thousands of students who are now left with burdensome debt, an incomplete degree, and few opportunities for recourse.

“The closing of ECA campuses can be added to the list of institutions accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) that have shut down without notice, a list which includes now-defunct for-profits such as ITT Technical Institutes and Corinthian Colleges.

“Students, lawmakers, and advocates have been sounding the alarm about the risks deceitful and predatory for-profit institutions pose, but Secretary Betsy DeVos has chosen to ignore the warnings and has instead rolled back regulations that were in place to hold for-profits accountable for their predatory and risky behaviors. Not to mention, the Department of Education’s recent reckless recognition of ACICS, which time and time again has granted accreditation to for-profit institutions that have failed to meet the standards of other federal accreditors.

“While students at ECA’s many campuses face the reality of an uncertain future, I urge the Department of Education to seriously reconsider federal recognition of ACICS and take the necessary steps to provide the 20,000 ECA students with a form of remedy.

“As long as Secretary DeVos and her for-profit accomplices continue moving the Department of Education in a direction that strays away from its purpose of protecting students and taxpayers, I will continue speaking out on behalf of the students who face a slew of broken promises from these institutions. Every student, every veteran, and every American that was looking to achieve their dreams by pursuing an education at an ECA campus, but instead was failed by this institution, was betrayed by Secretary DeVos and the Trump Administration.”


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