June 06, 2024

Rep. Takano Statement on the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Mark Takano (CA-39) released the following statement to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day:

"Today marks the 80th anniversary of the ‘Longest Day.’ On June 6, 1944, over 150,000 Allied troops—Americans, British, Canadians, and others—embarked on the most audacious amphibious assault in history.  

"The magnitude of what was achieved on D-Day can be measured not just in miles of liberated coastline, but in generations of freedom secured. Those young servicemembers who leapt into the surf at Normandy rewrote the course of history.

"Our obligation to those who served does not end when the last gun falls silent or when the last transport ship docks home. It is a perpetual debt, as enduring as their sacrifice. We have continued working to modernize VA healthcare, focusing on advanced treatments for physical wounds and innovative therapies for the invisible scars of war. And with my Honoring our PACT Act, we are making strides to ensure that every veteran receives the benefits that they have earned.

"To all the veterans who served our nation on D-Day, America has not forgotten you. Your legacy, and your sacrifice will forever be etched in history's pages, and we will never forget you."