November 28, 2018

Rep. Takano Statement on VA Announcement of Changes to Post-9/11 GI Bill Housing Payments

The announcement of further delays in the implementation of these specific provisions in the Forever GI Bill is extremely disconcerting. When Congress passed this law, the language indicated that provisions were to be implemented by August 2018, but ongoing technical issues have prevented any progress and the VA has failed to meet the deadline. If this process and the reoccurring technical failures at the VA have taught us anything, it’s that the underlying issues causing these delays – IT failures – must be addressed and fixed for any contractor to successfully implement these provisions. If this is not done, I am skeptical that the VA will be able to meet the new deadline they put in place. It is imperative for the VA to have the proper fixes in place and ensure that these provisions are working for veterans as the law intended them to, and Congress must hold VA leaders accountable until it does so.

Press Contact

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