Riverside Makerspace Vocademy Participates in White House Maker Faire

Washington, DC – Earlier this week, Vocademy, a Riverside based makerspace, was invited to participate in the first ever White House Maker Faire, which brought more than 100 students, entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers from 25 states to Washington to showcase their inventions and advocate for ways to grow the maker movement through innovation and entrepreneurship. 
Vocademy Founder and CEO Gene Sherman was accompanied at the White House with Representative Mark Takano (D-Riverside), who co-founded the Congressional Maker Caucus.
"Vocademy is an education-focused makerspace, one of the first of its kind in this country,” said Sherman. “Not just a place where people have access to the tools of making, it’s where they can learn everything about the tools and then use these skills to make anything they desire. 
Sherman continued, “I feel incredibly fortunate that I live in a city that is truly embracing the Maker Movement. Our Mayor, Rusty Bailey, is participating in the Mayor Maker Challenge. Our Congressman, Mark Takano, spearheaded the Congressional Maker Caucus. They recognize that hands-on skills are important to the progress of the community and they see how a makerspace is valuable to education, manufacturing, and technology industries. They understand that the future of invention and innovation will be found within the maker movement."
“For the past century, innovation and entrepreneurship has helped propel the American economy,” said Takano, “but with global competition increasing, developing new industries like the maker movement right here in the United States could not be more important. Makerspaces like Vocademy are an important part of this burgeoning industry, as they look to harness the power of America’s best and brightest. Riverside is playing an important part in the growing maker community, and having the White House recognize that will only help grow this industry and provide the fuel to make America a manufacturing powerhouse once again.”
Opened in 2013, Vocademy costs $99 a month (with a three month minimum for students and a one-year commitment for adults) and allows members to learn skills and collaborate with other members. Members have unlimited use of equipment at Vocademy, which includes a 3D printer, a laser cutter, an electronics shop, a vinyl cutter, a woodshop, manufacturing equipment and more. Vocademy also offers 12 different classes on a variety of specific trades or skills.