Congressman Mark Takano

Representing the 41st District of California

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Dec 3, 2014 Press Release
Rep. Mark Takano released the following statement after voting in favor of extending tax provisions that benefit families and businesses.
Dec 3, 2014 Press Release
Rep. Mark Takano voted against H.R. 647, otherwise known as the Achieving A Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act and issued the following statement.
Dec 3, 2014 Press Release
ECMC, a company with no experience running colleges but a long track record of aggressive debt collection tactics, is trying to purchase 56 troubled campuses
Nov 26, 2014 Press Release
Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA), and nine additional House Democrats sent a letter to Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez asking the Department of Labor to encourage companies to end mandatory shifts on Thanksgiving and to provide overtime or holiday pay to those who choose to work.
Nov 25, 2014 Press Release
Rep. Mark Takano issued the following statement after the extension of the Iran nuclear talks was announced.

In The News

Jul 12, 2013 In The News
Rep. Mark Takano, D-Calif., was one of many Democrats who decried the "hijinks" by Republicans to bring the bill to the floor so quickly…
Jul 11, 2013 In The News
Rep. Mark Takano, a former high school teacher, took a red pen to a letter about immigration reform some of his Republican colleagues were circulating
Jul 11, 2013 In The News
Rep. Mark Takano spent time this week dealing with letters about immigration reform. But they weren’t from his constituents…
Jul 11, 2013 In The News
You can take the teacher out of the classroom — even send him to Congress — but you can't take the classroom out of the teacher. Or take away his red pencil.
Jul 11, 2013 In The News
A Democratic congressman from California who spent 23 years teaching British literature decided to go old school on Republican lawmakers who oppose the comprehensive immigration reform bill

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