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Minimum Wage Increase

1 in 5 who live in my district (56,000 people) would benefit from having the minimum wage increased to $10.10.  These are the working poor in America, who work full time jobs, yet are still struggling to make it. They deserve a raise.

To see the full map visit Oxfam.

Percentage Uninsured in the U.S by Quarter

From Vox: America’s uninsured rate appears to have leveled off at 13.4 percent since Obamacare’s open enrollment ended, new Gallup data showed Thursday.

The uninsured rate for the last quarter of 2013 was 17.1 percent. That means there’s been a 22 percent drop over the last five months in people who lack health insurance coverage.

For-Profit College Expenditures

For-Profit colleges only spend 17% of their revenue on instruction. Source: Senate HELP Committee

Rent On The Rise In Riverside

My staff and I looked into rising rents in Riverside County and found that one in three renters is paying more than fifty percent of their income toward rent, all while wages are still below 2007 levels. We also discovered that the number of people paying more than half of their income on rent in Riverside County is rising faster than other Southern California counties. 

There are things we can do to help. Read my report “Rents on the Rise in Riverside” to see my recommendations.

Inland Empire's Unemployed

In the seven days since extended unemployment benefits expired, the Inland Empire has lost nearly $8.2 million in economic activity.

Restoring these benefits must be a priority when Congress returns to legislative business next week.

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