Rep. Takano: Everything We Thought About Modern GOP is True

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.), Vice Ranking Member of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, released the following statement after House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act, which will strip 24 million Americans of their insurance and jeopardizes access to health care tax credits for 7 million veterans. 

“I’ve often warned my constituents and colleagues that the modern Republican Party is more interested in cutting taxes on the wealthy than providing affordable health care to working families. I am truly sorry to have been right. The American Health Care Act makes clear that President Trump, Speaker Ryan, and the House Republican Caucus will sacrifice the basic needs of Americans for a tax cut and a political victory.  

“The list of those who would be harmed by the AHCA is jarring. An estimated 24 million Americans would lose access to affordable care, an $880 billion cut to Medicaid would have serious and lasting effects on low-income families, and in many states the AHCA would leave seniors and those with pre-existing conditions facing exorbitant premiums. Even veterans are not spared: This bill jeopardizes access to tax credits for the 7 million veterans who are eligible but not enrolled at the VA.

“There are no solutions in this bill. There are no remedies for the high cost of care. There is no support for those who need it most. There is only a political victory for a Republican Party that has lost its compassion for the American people."


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