Rep. Takano Slams Senate GOP Health Care Bill

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) released the following statement in response to Senate Republicans’ health care bill released today.

“Seven years ago, the Affordable Care Act extended access to more affordable health care to 20 million Americans, including nearly 100,000 people in my community alone. The Senate bill revealed today, along with the bill that passed the House last month, is a direct threat to that progress and a direct threat to the health and financial security of families in the Inland Empire and across the country.

“Both Republican bills follow the same formula: Massive tax cuts for the wealthiest families in America, financed by massive cuts in health care support for the poor, seniors, the disabled, working families, and veterans. The profound moral bankruptcy reflected in these proposals is only matched by the damage they would do to our economy, because the cost of health care under these plans would swallow family budgets and shift unmanageable burdens to the states.   

“President Trump himself admitted the House’s health care bill proposal was “mean.” Unfortunately, the Senate version is even less compassionate and even more disastrous for the very people the president promised to protect.”

Press Contact

Josh Weisz, 202-225-2305