Rep. Takano Statement on DOL Decision Regarding Overtime Regulations for Middle-Class Workers

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.), Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, released the following statement after the Trump Administration decided to defend the use of a salary threshold to determine workers’ eligibility for overtime pay, but declined to defend the threshold previously set by the Obama Administration, which would have extended overtime protections to millions of middle-class workers. 

“For decades the Department of Labor has recognized the salary threshold test as a bright-line test for determining which employees are eligible for overtime pay. The use of a salary threshold is clearly consistent with the spirit of the Fair Labor Standards Act. I am heartened that the Department of Labor has chosen to defend the use of the salary threshold to ensure overtime protections stay relevant and accessible for millions of American workers.

“However, I am deeply disappointed by the Department of Labor’s refusal to defend the threshold set by the Obama administration, which would have protected 13 million middle-class workers. The overtime salary threshold has been so low – for so long – that most employees are not even aware that they’re losing out on the pay or the time with their families they have earned. After a two-year rulemaking process that included consideration of roughly 300,000 public comments, the Department of Labor does not need more time to reconsider the threshold. They need to enforce it as written. 

“President Trump has fought in court for his executive order punishing cities that welcome immigrant families, and he has fought in court for his Muslim Ban, twice. But today he is refusing to fight for the American workers who he repeatedly promised to protect.”

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