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November 2018
How Congress can give rightful honor to our veterans
Military.com: How to Create a VA That Works for Veterans
June 2017
I Was Right About the AHCA’s Impact on Veterans, Republicans Just Proved It
March 2017
The Problem with President Trump’s Executive Orders
January 2017
Why I’m Not Attending the Inauguration
November 2016
Japanese-American Incarceration Is 'Unforgivable Policy,' Not Precedent
A veterans affairs agenda for President-elect Trump
June 2016
Where do we go from Orlando?
May 2016
Regulation of for-profit colleges not the problem
October 2015
The Press Enterprise: How to help families lift themselves out of poverty
Medium: Memos to Mark: Battery Storage and Why it is the Next Big Thing
July 2015
At-Will Employment at VA Not the Way to Go
June 2015
Automatic Voter Registration Makes Our Nation More Democratic
April 2015
Inland Empire Business Journal: Tapping Into Innovation
Give Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Americans a Chance to Serve
March 2015
Wall Street Bought Your Foreclosed Home. They’re Happy To Rent It Back To You.
American Legion Magazine: In Favor of Marriage Equality
Inland Empire Business Journal: Heroes for Hire
February 2015
Expanding Overtime Pay to Combat Income Inequality
The Maker Movement Is About the Economy, Stupid
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