July 08, 2015

Former Teacher Rep. Mark Takano Statement on the Student Success Act

Washington, DC – Rep. Mark Takano released the following statement after voting against HR 5, also known as the Student Success Act: 

“While I consider No Child Left Behind to be a complete and total failure that must be revamped, I voted against HR 5, as it cuts too deep and takes too many steps backward. For more than 50 years, Title I has created opportunity for low-income children, and we know how effective Title I is when it is properly funded. Unfortunately, HR 5 locks in cuts instead of increasing funding. It also block grants funding and makes it portable, which has been shown to negatively impact low-income children and English language learners. 

“These provisions mean that HR 5 will divert funds away from districts and schools that need it the most.

“And finally, I’m concerned about the continued emphasis on annual standardized testing, which, as I know from teaching for 25 years, takes away from a student’s learning experience and frustrates teachers who are compelled to ‘teach to the test.’ 

“My hope is that when the Senate and the House meet in the Conference Committee, these concerns are properly addressed and rectified. Only then will we be on the path to fixing our education system.“