July 14, 2015

Rep. Mark Takano Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement

Washington, DC – Rep. Mark Takano released the following statement after it was announced that the P5+1 nations have reached a nuclear agreement with Iran:

“Today’s historic announcement is a culmination of years of hard work by many people. While initial reports indicate that the agreement is what we sought, in that it prioritizes peace and safety over aggression and isolation, I plan to read the agreement in its entirety, confer with experts and meet with the Administration about how it achieves our goals.

“Most importantly, the agreement states that under no circumstances will Iran, ‘seek, develop, or acquire any nuclear weapons.’ Doing so would be a clear violation of the agreement and put Iran, the region, and the world, in a perilous situation. Luckily, the terms of this agreement look to avoid such a situation, but Iran must be in compliance at all times. No questions asked. Failing to be in compliance will cause the sanctions to snap back into place, crippling the Iranian economy and creating instability in the region. 

“I commend President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and Secretary Moniz for their hard work, and I look forward to learning more about this historic agreement.”