November 17, 2016

Rep. Mark Takano Calls on President-elect Trump to Denounce Comments on Japanese-American Internment

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) released the following statement today calling on President-elect Donald Trump to denounce comments made by a surrogate, which referenced Japanese-American internment as precedent to justify a Muslim registry.

“The imprisonment of thousands of Japanese-Americans during World War II, including my parents and grandparents, is widely understood to be one of the darkest chapters in American history. More than 100,000 Japanese-Americans were accused of no crimes and received no trial before being relocated, interned, and stripped of their possessions. I am horrified that people connected to the incoming Administration are using my family’s experience as a precedent for what President-elect Trump could do.

“These comments confirm many Americans’ worst fears about the Trump Administration, and they reflect an alarming resurgence of racism and xenophobia in our political discourse. 

“Over the past 18 months, President-elect Trump has used his vast social media presence to criticize political opponents, the media, and a Gold Star Family. He has never used his megaphone to speak out for those being targeted by his supporters. I call on him to immediately disavow these comments and begin the work of healing our nation’s divides. 

“Donald Trump said he would be a president for all Americans. It is time for him to make good on that promise.”  

Press Contact

Josh Weisz,, 202-225-2305