September 11, 2015

Rep. Mark Takano Issues Statement on Vote in Support of Iran Deal

Agreement Between P5+1 and Iran Represents Best Option to Avoid Iranian Nuclear Weapon

Washington, DC — Earlier today, Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) voted in favor of HR 3461, which would have issued formal Congressional approval of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action negotiated among the P5+1 nations and Iran to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. While the measure failed after a 162 to 269 vote on the House floor, the agreement will go into effect in the coming weeks. After the vote, Rep. Takano issued the following statement:

“Today, I voted in favor of approving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action among the United States, our European Allies, Russia, China, and Iran. I supported the agreement because careful research and examination has convinced me that it is our best option for preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Despite the fact that almost every House Republican voted to scuttle this agreement, which has broad support within the global community, it will now go forward. I will continue to monitor this situation. We cannot take Iran at its word, and must continue to use the broad tools in this deal to ensure Iran’s compliance,” said Rep. Mark Takano.

Under the Corker-Cardin law passed this spring, Congress had 60 days from the completion of negotiations to weigh in with disapproval of the deal. That deadline expires next week, and separate votes in the House and Senate this week made it clear that opponents do not have the necessary votes to overturn a presidential veto of a resolution disapproving the agreement.