October 09, 2015

Rep. Mark Takano Statement on California Governor’s Veto of Bill to Help Corinthian Colleges’ Students

Washington, DC —Mark Takano released the following statement after Governor Jerry Brown vetoed AB 573, a bill offering relief to students affected by the sudden closure of Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

“I am extremely disappointed in Governor Jerry Brown’s decision to veto AB 573, a bill that would have provided desperately needed financial and legal assistance to the 13,000 Californians harmed by Corinthian Colleges’ deceptive and dishonest practices.

“Students enrolled in Corinthian Colleges expected to receive a quality education that would serve as the foundation for job opportunities and a brighter future. Instead, they were victims of an elaborate fraud that left many unemployed and deep in debt. These students deserve our support, and future victims of unscrupulous for-profit colleges deserve our protection.”

“I am working with my colleagues in Congress to address this issue on a federal level. In April 2015, Rep. Susan Davis (D-CA) and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) joined me in introducing the Protections and Regulations for Our Students Act, which is a comprehensive bill designed to protect our nation’s students from bad practices and bad actors in the for-profit college industry.

“The PRO Students Act ensures students have access to accurate information and data about these colleges, strengthens oversight and regulation, and holds schools accountable for violations and poor performance. It creates an environment in which student and taxpayer dollars are being well spent.

“I will continue to promote these necessary reforms that make sure students receive a quality, affordable education.”