Rep. Mark Takano Statement on Racist Letters Mailed to Riverside Nail Salon

Riverside, CA – Today, Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) released this statement following reports of a nail salon in Riverside receiving anonymous, racist letters in the mail targeting their Asian American employees.

“I was horrified and disgusted after reading the anonymous, racist, hate-filled letter sent to Top 10 Nails & Spa in Riverside – I was also infuriated and I condemn this racist act. The letter explicitly and unashamedly contains the slurs and stereotypes that the Asian American community has been subjected to throughout our history, and that have become so prevalent during this pandemic.

“It is heartbreaking to know that the hate we are seeing nationwide has also struck our community. That is why it is so important for leaders to speak out against the hate and racist rhetoric that has fueled these hateful acts. Since the beginning of the pandemic, former President Donald Trump referred to COVID-19 almost exclusively as the “China virus” or the “kung flu,” and many of his Republican allies followed suit. Now, more than one year later, hate crimes against Asian Americans have surged, and they have done nothing substantial to prevent this violence from occurring. This is endangering the lives of Asian Americans everywhere.

“My heart goes out to the staff of Top 10 Nails & Spa who, like so many other Asian Americans, may be experiencing immense fear and pain during this difficult time. I will be following the investigation of this incident closely, and I am determined to hold people accountable and take bold, meaningful action in Congress to protect Asian Americans and stop Asian hate. If you are subject to hateful acts, know that we stand with you and please report it to local authorities. And if you are a witness to a hateful act, please speak up and stand with those who are living in fear.”


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