January 30, 2024

Rep. Takano Announces Nearly $5.5 Million in Clean Manufacturing Research Funding in Riverside County

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Representative Mark Takano (D-Calif.) announced the funding of two research projects to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the development of decarbonization technologies.

The $5.45 million in funding was granted by the Department of Energy’s Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office and seek to cut energy use with the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

The University of California, Riverside received $1,450,000 to decarbonize forest products though novel pretreatment and dissolving of pulp. This technology has the potential to reduce carbon intensity by 50-75% and operating costs by 10-20%.

CalPortland Company’s Central Research Laboratory, located in Jurupa Valley, received $4,000,000 to decarbonize concrete and cementproduction.

“Air quality in the Inland Empire is some of the worst in the country,” said Rep. Takano. “The funding of these two critical research projects intoclean manufacturing is a reminder that businesses in Southern California and the University of California, Riverside should lead the way in the clean energy transition. I applaud the Department of Energy for recognizing the strengths of Riverside County in the fight forcleaner air and cleaner manufacturing.”

This is the latest action Rep. Takano has taken to ensure that the Inland Empire is at the forefront of environmental innovation while fighting for cleaner air for his constituents:

  • Ringing the alarm on air quality following the publication of his State of Air Quality in California’s 39th Congressional District.

  • Securing the selection of a California-based alliance as a hydrogen hub, which aimsto reduce carbon emissions by 2 million metric tons a year.

  • Urging the EPA to hold warehouse polluters in the Inland Empire accountable.

Rep. Takano will keep up the fight to protect the Inland Empire’s environment and the health of its residents.