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Misplaced Priorities?

House Republicans voted to repeal the Estate Tax, which would be a $270 billion windfall for some of America’s wealthiest families. 

How misplaced are their priorities? 

Economic Growth by Presidential Party

The Republican budget released today claims that our economy is drastically underperforming and that Democratic policies are to blame. Unsurprisingly, the facts show something completely different, as data from the last 16 presidential terms show that our economy grew more rapidly under Democratic presidents than Republican presidents.

Republican trickle-down policies have failed. Let’s do what works – grow our middles class, strengthen the social safety net, and invest in education and infrastructure.

Source: The National Bureau of Economic Research

The Governing Majority

Once again, the governing majority rears its head. Over the past 2 years, House Speaker Boehner has needed help from Democrats time and time again in order to responsibly govern.

The grip of the Tea Party is oh so tight. #BoehnerNeedsDems

Cumulative Voting Record For Mr.Takano

This is what teachers like to call “Perfect Attendance”

Executive Actions On Immigration

Since 1956, eleven Presidents, from both parties, have signed executive actions providing immigration relief.

Precedent on this issue has been established and the President has the constitutional authority to provide such relief. 

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