September 24, 2019

Rep. Takano Statement on Trump Administration’s Final Overtime Rule

Washington, DC – Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) released this statement following the U.S. Department of Labor’s announcement of the finalized rule for overtime standards, which sets the new overtime salary threshold for full-time salaried workers at just $35,568 per year. The current salary threshold is $23,660 per year and was last updated in 2004.

“Today, millions of American workers were left behind by the Trump Administration. The final overtime rule is inadequate and fails to truly strengthen overtime pay protections for workers across the country. By setting the overtime salary threshold far below the Obama-era rule, the Trump Administration has ignored the current financial realities middle-class families are facing. It is unjust and immoral for a worker to be on the job for 60 to 70 hours a week without being paid overtime – in today’s economy, workers simply cannot afford to be shortchanged.

“Overtime standards are long overdue for a meaningful update that will protect more workers and put money back in the pockets of millions of families. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration’s final rule does not bring us closer to achieving that. In addition to the low salary threshold, the final rule also fails to include automatic updating to keep pace with wage growth over time. For decades, workers have not been properly compensated for their work and this presented the Trump Administration with a rare opportunity to rectify this pay inequity, but their attempt falls dramatically short of what the American people need and deserve. It is crucial for Congress to pass the Restoring Overtime Pay Act to strengthen protections for more workers and ensure that those working overtime can see their hard work and effort reflected in their paychecks. I will keep fighting to advance this legislation and help restore the value of work that gives families the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead.”

In June, Reps. Takano (D-CA) and Scott (D-VA) and Sens. Brown (D-OH) and Murray (D-WA) introduced the Restoring Overtime Pay Act,which would raise the overtime salary level to nearly $51,000 per year, making roughly 4.6 million workers newly eligible for overtime pay.

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